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Stamps and wallpapers - Microsoft Paint by LumiResources

Literature, stories and fan-fics - Microsoft Word by LumiResources


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dA Muro ****
Stuff drawn in that ****

(I do NOT do commissions for point begging. I do them for fun.)
Stuff n' ****
Example of these are wallpapers, stamps, stuff with vectors stacked up, etc.

(I do NOT do commissions for point begging. I do them for fun.)


MLPFiMRox's Profile Picture
Please PM (private message) me if someone's stealing or editing my art w/o permission :)

If you have problems with me JUST BECAUSE OF MY NAME, please don't argue with me -_- This was made in 2013 when I was MLP trash, and I can't change my name.

Current trashcan:

Also trash for the wonderfully hilarious
:iconsrpelo:/123pendejos' Mickey Mouse parody, Mokey's Show 😂😂😂😂

Trashcans where I've lost interest at (but still in) :

I miss watching this ;-;

I can't remember them all since I have LOTS of fandoms >-< So, if you want to find out, then here they are (what I can only remember) :
Dangan Ronpa
Pacific Rim


A SUPER LAZY doodle of John as a sheep from asdfmovie10 for 4/13
Homestuck (along with John Egbert) - Andrew Hussie
asdfmovie series - TomSka
Can be used for editing stuffs like videos and decorative purposes
I'm so sick of the people who call fandoms "KEEEEENNNSUUUUURRRR". It's just so stupid, rude and most of all, immature. It's because you only listen to the bad side of a certain fandom. But I still respect your opinion. I've been in these following fandoms:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (the thing I was saying on my username, because it was made in 2013 when I was 9 and total MLP trash...and a bit edgy)
Steven Universe

You call these fandoms cancer, right? I just don't mind them. But I just can't take it anymore. First, the UT fandom.

You're sick of our AUs, right? That's okay. It's your opinion. But my opinion is they are actually great and creative. They were the reason why I'm still interested in Undertale. I mean, I've been in the fandom for 8 months and I'm not yet bored of it. 

Second, the Steven Universe fandom.

Do you know a certain fan who drew Rose in a different way? And cyber-bullied her just because she drew her in that way? It's so cringe-worthy, right? The way she drew her became a big deal to the fans until the cringe-worthy chaos reached the creators. But just don't listen to that side because we still have a decent side. They were obviously from the "cancerous" side.

I don't want to talk about the other two left, so I'll leave these quotes from a Facebook post (translated from Filipino) and a Youtube comment:

We are the fandom that has lots of immature fans but not all. We are the fandom that involves chaos...
-Dianne Jung

...Since not all people in a fandom are bad... It's just the ones who are annoying that can be rather loud in the internet.

I don't want to cause arguments in the comments so that's why this isn't written in a Journal.
So, I just said that the slots for the game I'm making would be ready tomorrow. Well, here it is! Feel free to join.

Programmers (3)

Blue Marble 
Blue Marble 
Blue Marble 
You need to have an experience on programming before joining, but I recommend you to have an experience for a few years.

Artists (3)

Blue Marble Me
Blue Marble 
Blue Marble  
The game is going to be 8-bit, so it should be pixel art. 

Writer (2)

Blue Marble (story)
Blue Marble (script)

I might release a demo for you guys one day. As for the writers, I'll send them the plot of the game. For the programmers, Game Maker Studio or Unity 2D is fine for me. I recommend using either of the two.

I might make a poll if I should just download music away for the game (musicians will be credited in the credits) or hire musicians.


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